General calculators for personal and business purposes

Monthly Savings Calculator
Estimate the value of monthly savings, in terms of interest over a certain period of time.

Lump Sum Investment Calculator
Determine the investment value for a lump sum investment.

Lump Sum Investment With Extra Contributions Calculator
Determine the investment value for a lump sum investment with extra contributions.

Saving For Retirement Calculator
Determine the monthly amount to save, in order to maintain current living standards at retirement.

Vehicle Finance Calculator
Estimate the monthly repayment on car financing.

Car Allowance Tax Calculator
Determine the tax on vehicle allowance.

Monthly Company Car Tax Calculator
Determine the monthly PAYE deduction on a company vehicle.

Maximum Home Loan Amount Calculator

Estimate the maximum home loan amount probably qualified for, based on income, expenses, the interest rate and term.

Monthly Home Loan Repayment Calculator
Estimate monthly repayments on a home loan.


New Home Loan Costs & Transfer Fees Calculator
Estimate the costs involved when taking out a new home loan.

Outstanding Home Loan Balance Calculator
Calculate the amount paid off on the capital home loan amount, as well as the interest amount and the outstanding balance.


Lump Sum Deposit Calculator
Calculate the value in interest savings and reduced repayment term when making a lump sum deposit on a home loan.

Shortened Period of Home Loan Repayment Calculator
Calculate the savings on interest and the new monthly repayment when shortening the period of repaying a home loan.

Extra Payment on Home Loan Calculator
Calculate the savings on interest and the reduced bond period when increasing a home loan repayment.